Myde King Mixed Berries 4000 Puffs



Vape Fume: Where Elegance Meets Taste, Redefining Vaping Excellence

In the world of vaping, where aesthetics and flavor intertwine, “Vape Fume” stands as a testament to both elegance and satisfaction. Crafted to elevate your vaping experience, “Vape Fume” encompasses a range of features that seamlessly blend captivating design with exceptional taste delivery. Let’s delve into the unique characteristics that make “Vape Fume” an unmistakable choice for those who seek the perfect amalgamation of style and flavor.

1. Exquisite Design:

From the moment you lay eyes on it, “Vape Fume” captivates with its exquisite design. Every contour, every detail, speaks volumes about a commitment to visual elegance. Beyond mere aesthetics, “Vape Fume” becomes a symbol of style that elevates your vaping ritual into an artful expression of taste and sophistication.

2. Mesh Coil Heating Wire – High-Quality Repair:

At the heart of “Vape Fume” lies an unwavering dedication to excellence. The integration of mesh coil heating wire technology, combined with meticulous repair, ensures that every draw is a testament to quality. Experience consistent vaporization that preserves the authenticity of flavor profiles, capturing the essence of each inhalation.

3. Smooth Airflow, Wonderful Taste:

The allure of vaping lies in the symphony of flavors that grace your palate. With “Vape Fume,” smooth airflow ensures that every draw is effortless and gratifying. Each inhalation becomes a journey through layers of nuanced tastes, resulting in an exceptionally wonderful and satisfying vaping experience.

4. High Quality, Competitive Price:

“Vape Fume” embodies a belief that quality should not compromise affordability. The commitment to high quality is matched by a competitive price point, ensuring that exceptional vaping experiences are accessible to a wider audience. This dedication to both excellence and value distinguishes “Vape Fume” as a true leader in the industry.

In summary, “Vape Fume” invites you to a realm where design and flavor unite seamlessly. With an exquisite design, mesh coil heating wire technology, smooth airflow that enhances taste, and an unwavering commitment to high quality at a competitive price, “Vape Fume” redefines the art of vaping pleasure. Engage in a journey that marries sophistication, satisfaction, and value, and let each inhalation transport you to a realm where every draw is a celebration of refined taste and elegance, all encapsulated within the distinguished embrace of “Vape Fume.”



Product parameters

17 flavors:
1.Cool Mint
2.Strawberry Watermeon
4.Mixed Berry
5.Blue Ruzz lemonde on ice
6.Lush Ice
7.Double Apple
8.Strawberry Ice Cream
9.Strawberry Banana Ice
10.Bubble Gum
11.Peach ice,
12.Melon ice,
13 blueberry ice, lemonade,
15.strawberry ice,
16.strawberry milkshake,
17.American Coffee


Shenzhen Sigelang Technology Co., Ltd. has been specialized in R&D, production and sales of different types of
e-cigarette products since 2012. We have always focused on the development of “healthy e-cigarettes”, and have
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Why choose SIGELANG ?
(1) OEM/ODM are serv welcome, welcome to visit our factory firstly before you place an order.
(2) High Quality Control.
(3) Shipping:UPS,DHL,tnt and so on.
(4) Warranty 3 months.
(5) New product output every month with Best price and quality.
Q: What is your main products line ?
Now the main products are Vape Pod, Vape Cartridge, Disposable Vape Pen, Vape Battery,cbd 510 battery pen
Q: Can I place sample order?
Sample order is welcome to test our quality and service.
Q: Can I print my logo?
Yes,OEM/ODM service is available.
Print logo on the plastic / ceramic/ glass mouthpiece, battery body, etc.
Laser logo on the heating base, battery bottom cap,etc.
Different battery light colors are available.
Q: How to order the products?
(1) Please let us know the model, quantity you need, Get Latest Quote.
(2) Confirm order details, Reach Trading Intention, the PI will be send to you soon.
(3) After payment, we will ship out to you in 1-3 business days(sample order).
(4) Payment: Alibaba/Paypal/Western Union/TT.
(5) Shipping Method: DHL/UPS/FedEx/TNT/or customized option. It will take 3-7 days.
Q: Products Warranty?
We offer 3 months warranty for cartridges and 6 months warranty for batteries.
If the product is defective, please notify us within 3 days of delivery.
Q: Lead Time?
(1) Sample Order: Within 1 working day
(2) Wholesale Orders: 3 working days for small order, 5~7 working days for bulk orders with no customers logo
(3) OEM Order: 7~15 working days according to different craft and quantity